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Shining a new light on Kingston's at-risk youth

Concrete Jungle Foundation x Coco Capitán


The Concrete Jungle Foundation is an international non-profit organization that uses skateboarding as a tool to stimulate positive personal and community development for underprivileged youth around the world.

In response to local demand, Concrete Jungle Foundation coordinates the construction of new skateparks, the provision of skateboarding and safety equipment, and the organization and implementation of locally-run skateboarding programs focused on life-skills and empowerment.

Concrete Jungle Foundation has successfully completed its first two projects – the construction of skateparks in Trujillo, Peru and Luanda, Angola – impacting the lives of more than 300 children. Through our collaboration with André Saraiva, we were able to fully fund the construction of the Angola skatepark.

As Concrete Jungle Foundation now prepares for the construction of a skate park and school in Kingston, Jamaica, we have teamed up with Coco Capitán for the second time. Through the sales of this collaboration, 5% of the proceeds from every sale will support this project.

Skatepark and School
Concrete Jungle Foundation
Kingston, JM
Safe space
Artist Collaboration
“Before I die I want to live” Coco CAPITÁN
The Story

Jamaica has the 4th highest homicide rate in the world and suffers greatly from gang violence. 80% of the country’s children have experienced physical or psychological violence, with 1 in 4 children living in poverty. In turn,  this leads to the exploitation of child labor, and the development of violent behavior.

The Freedom Skatepark was initiated following the violent death of a 20-year old Jamaican skateboarder who was stabbed to death. With a growing community of over 100 skateboarders, the Freedom Skatepark serves as a beacon of hope within a community torn by violence.

“Jamaica in its natural state is a beauty. Let’s evolve to the next level by giving the youth a sanctuary for skateboarding.” – Tony Alva, Skateboarding Legend

The construction of the skatepark is set for 2020 and will integrate Concrete Jungle Foundation’s Edu-Skate program which promotes personal development. The 1000 m2 park is projected to help 280 kids per year.

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