Making a difference in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro

Coletivo Skate Maré x JR    

With JR

Coletivo Skate Maré is a volunteer-led grassroots movement that empowers the youth within its community through skateboarding. The collective provides classes with portable street obstacles to help kids develop their skills and confidence. Since 2015, the group has fought to bring stability in a community afflicted by an on-going drug war.

Through our collaboration with JR, we are donating 15% of the sales revenue to Coletivo Skate Maré. The funds will help construct a skate park with the help of Make Life Skate Life. An additional 15% of the sales revenue will support the activities of JR’s community center, Casa Amarela, located in favela Morro da Providência. The center acts as a cultural hub to the favela’s inhabitants

With a safe space to skate in the favela, the collective will increase its reach and impact 250 kids per week.

Coletivo Skate Maré
Rio de Janiero, BR
Musée du Louvre
Artist Collaboration
“Can Art change the world ?” JR
Our Partner
Louvre Museum The Skateroom Art News Exhibitions April
“The glass Pyramid was a cultural revolution in French history. Supporting a social project with the Musée du Louvre today truly embodies that idea.” The Skateroom
The Story

Located at the heart of one of Rio de Janeiro’s most dangerous favelas is Maré Favelas Skatepark. Famously located under a bridge, the skatepark’s construction started in July 2019 in an area completely controlled by gangs.

Despite the drug war and the overwhelming presence of guns at every corner, Coletivo Skate Maré and Make Life Skate Life came together to bring this project to life with the intention of offering the favela’s youth a safe place to play and feel empowered through skateboarding. For this 100% volunteer-led project, 15 workers committed to 13-15 hour days in order to complete the construction.

Since the skatepark’s inauguration in August, nearly 200 members of the community benefit from the skatepark, including loaner programs run by Coletivo Skate Maré, and a 2-hour lesson for 30 kids on Saturdays. Proudly, 50% of the skatepark’s participants are girls.

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