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Spreading culture and friendships in Rio

Casa Amarela x JR

With JR

Founded by the artist JR, Casa Amarela is a house at the top of a favela in Rio de Janeiro and is a community center for its inhabitants. Through collaborations with local NGOs and residents of the favela, the space offers art workshops, cultural field trips as well as languages, photography, theatre, and sport classes. The house is open everyday to welcome the children of the community to express their artistic and creative self.

Casa Amarela’s vision is to improve the lives of Morro da Providência’s inhabitants through art, culture and education. It acts as a way to tackle social exclusion and empower the community to improve their possibilities and future opportunities and to reduce the marginalization and alienation of the favelas residents who are trying to find their way into a highly stigmatized society.

Through our first collaboration we supported two social projects located in the favelas of Rio: JR’s community center, Casa Amarela, and the construction of a skatepark with Coletivo Skate Maré. The collaboration also created ties between both projects. This second collaboration will continue to nurture that relationship by supporting monthly skateboarding activities at Casa Amarela, among other regular activities!

We dedicate 30% of the sales revenue to supporting Casa Amarela.

Culture and Skate
Casa Amarela
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Artist Collaboration
“Can Art change the world ?” JR
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“All humans should be equal. With the Brooklyn Museum, we hope to spread awareness by sharing migrant stories through these editions” The Skateroom

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