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Girls skate first: the skate club changing culture in South India

Kovalam Skate Club is a branch of the Sebastian Indian Social Projects charity, which facilitates access to education, healthcare and employment opportunities sto persons in rural, isolated communities. Founded in 2014, Kovalam Skate Club uses skateboarding as a motivational tool to promote education and gender equality for youth living in the slum area of the Vizhinjam village in South India.

Kovalam Skate Club operates by three main principles:

– No School, No Skateboarding
Education is key to improving life opportunities of participants, and by extension the local community. The rule is simple: if kids keep up regular school attendance, they can come for free skateboarding classes and access free skateboarding material. Kovalam skate coaches maintain close relationships with local schools to ensure classes are being attended, and provide additional support to students that need it to reduce the overall dropout rate. In addition, SISP offers a free “Second Chance Education Centre” for drop-outs and at-risk youth that face significant barriers to traditional schooling.

– Girls first!
Firsthand experiences of domestic violence, sexual abuse and gender discrimination are not uncommon in the local community. As girls and women are perceived as “second-class citizens” Kovalam Skate Club makes their participation a priority in all activities, and has improved their visibility in the wider community. Girls are given priority in accessing skateboarding materials, and always take the first turn at the skatepark. With THE SKATEROOM’s support, Kovalam Skate Club will be able to hire its first women’s coach, encouraging more girls to participate in skate classes, and ensuring they are able to surpass barriers in attending skate competitions and group trips.

– Keep Trying
Skateboarding has the potential to motivate participants to truly bring out the best in themselves, on and off the board. The skateclub organizes regular workshops on developing life skills such as self-confidence, managing a budget, gender inclusivity and maintaining mental health. Kovalam Skate Club promotes environmental awareness through beach and lake clean ups as well as group camping trips to expose youth to nature conservation.

Kovalam Skate Club’s impact:

    • Daily Skate Classes
    • Free transport to attend skate activities
    • Free lunch provided for students
    • Monthly Kovalam beach clean-ups
    • Monthly Vellayani lake clean-ups
    • Annual camping trips and nature skills workshops

Sneak peak on the courses provided by Kovalam Skate Club

Kovalam Skate Club

Limited John Yuyi Collection

The limited skate art editions depict five of John Yuyi’s works and are a perfect representation of her disruptive vision and edge. In her work, Yuyi experiments with aesthetics and technology, channeling the chaos, anxieties and mindsets of the hyper-online generation. Her art creates a snapshot of a society which exists between two worlds – living in the physical yet with a digital state of mind, speaking to the human need for belonging, community and acceptance.

Yuyi’s work has always been closely connected to the core themes of female empowerment and gender equality, and the social project we have partnered up with for this collaboration reflects just that. Kovalam Skate champions and advocates for girls in skateboarding, building a safe and just space for them to reach their fullest potential and thrive within a like-minded, embracing community.