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Yoshitomo NARA

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“In collaboration with the LACMA, Spring 2020 is all about Nara Yoshitomo!” The Skateroom
Bio of Yoshitomo NARA

Yoshitomo Nara is a Japanese artist best known for his paintings of children and animals that appear simultaneously sweet and sinister, as seen in his work Do Not Disturb! (1996). A contemporary of Takashi Murakami, Nara has been influenced by popular culture in both Eastern and Western society. His versatile practice explores themes of isolation, rebellion, and spirituality through printmaking, painting, sculpture, ceramics, and installations.

Born on December 5, 1959 in Hirosaki, Japan, he studied at the Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music, where he earned both his BFA and MFA, and later at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf during the late 1980s. He currently lives and works in Tokyo. The artist’s works are held in the collections of the Art Institute of Chicago, the National Museum of Art in Osaka, and the Rubell Family Collection in Miami, among others.

Collaboration info

To raise funds for social skateboarding projects benefiting at-risk youth, The Skateroom and Yoshitomo NARA bring you 3 limited editions featuring the artist’s trademark neo-pop visuals during a large solo exhibition at the LACMA (Los Angeles). This exhibition will also travel around the globe to the Yuz Museum (Shanghai, China), the Museo Guggenheim (Bilbao, Spain), and the Kunsthal (Rotterdam, Netherlands) in 2020-21.

For our first collaboration with Japanese artist Nara Yoshitomo, we are launching two triptych sets of 3 skateboards and one solo skateboard named the “Peace Girl”. Through the sales of these editions, we will apply our 5:25 business model – donating 5% of the turnover or 25% of the profit, whichever amount is greater – to raising funds for tailor-suited grants to be allocated based on the needs of individual social projects.

The Story

Los Angeles County Museum of Art reopens with a retrospective about Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara.

Shuttered for a year due to the pandemic, this exhibition is now open to the public until July 5, 2021. One of the main highlights will be Miss Forest, a 26-foot outdoor painted bronze sculpture that will grace Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles.

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