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Shepard FAIREY



of the profits from the sale of this Collaboration will be donated to the Amplifier Foundation
Artist Bio

Shepard Fairey is a Los Angeles-based contemporary street artist, graphic designer, activist, and illustrator known for his politically charged work and, most recently, his collaboration with the Amplifier Foundation.

Born in 1970 in Charleston, South Carolina, Fairey graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1992, where he created the ‘André the Giant Has a Posse’ sticker campaign. This later evolved into the internationally renowned ‘Obey Giant’ campaign. Shepard’s work reached international recognition during the 2008 US presidential election, when he created a series of posters supporting Barack Obama, including the iconic poster ‘HOPE’.

Artist ollaboration info

In the words of Shepard Fairey himself: “My art is usually social and political regardless of who is in the White House, but my concerns and frustrations are amplified by the election of Donald Trump.”

Fairey has often used his art in the name of activism, and keeping with that spirit, wanted to support the Amplifier foundation through our collaboration. Together, we have raised $9,600 to fund Amplifier’s work in supporting grassroots movements in the United States.

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