Shepard Fairey

Shepard 2

Shepard Fairey's

No Future


Edition of 450 hand numbered on deck

Set of 3 skateboards
Each deck measures approx. 31x8in (80x20cm)
Made of 7 ply Grade A Canadian Maple wood
Top-print includes printed signature of the artist
One wall mount included per deck
Limited edition

Out of stock

Shepard Fairey talking about his collaboration w/ The Skateroom

“My art is usually social and political regardless of who is in the White House, but my concerns and frustrations are amplified by the election of Donald Trump”

Shepard Fairey

Shepard Fairey - Edition for The Skateroom

“The Skateroom collaboration is an evolution of the DIY silk screened skateboard I began making in the 90’s, as an art canvas that could go on four wheels or a wall. These new boards are more refined art pieces, but the spirit of skateboard culture is what drives this new collaboration. ‘No Future’ is a response to the election of Trump.”

Shepard Fairey – 2017


“I joked while Trump was campaigning that his slogan should be ‘Manifest Density’, a parody of ‘Manifest Destiny’, which was an embarrassingly egotistical pronouncement by rich white men that it was God’s desire for them to conquer ocean to ocean in the territory that would become the United States. Trump appealed to an uninformed electorate who looked for scapegoats and were driven by most likely one or more of the dark impulses listed in the image.”


Shepard Fairey - We The People

I’m pushing for a future where those impulses have no place and definitely no traction. Let’s move forward, not backward!”

Shepard Fairey – 2017


Following The Skateroom business model, 20% of the profit of this edition will be donated to a cause having positive impact on society.

For his first collaboration with The Skateroom, Shepard Fairey decided to support the Amplifier foundation who describes herself as a “Art Machine for Social Change”.

Stockholm, Sweden Credit: Pontus Lundahl / Reuters

Stockholm, Sweden Credit: Pontus Lundahl / Reuters

“I’ve worked with Aaron Huey from the Amplifier Foundation over the years on art collaborations to help protect indigenous communities. Most recently Aaron’s Amplifier Foundation launched the ‘We The People’ campaign, a nonpartisan campaign aimed at generating dialogue about the American identity and values through public art. I was honoured to take part with other artists to create art to send a message of equality and justice, and it’s been incredible to see the art catapult into the forefront of current events and activism. I’m very proud of the project and hope to see it grow.”

Shepard 2

Shepard Fairey is an LA-based contemporary street artist, graphic designer, activist and illustrator.

Born in 1970 in Charleston (South Carolina), Shepard graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1992, where he created the ‘André the Giant Has a Posse’ sticker campaign. This later evolved into the internationally renowned ‘Obey Giant’ campaign. Shepard’s work reached international recognition during the 2008 US presidential election, when he created a series of posters supporting Barack Obama, including the iconic ‘HOPE’ poster.

Shepard is also known for his politically charged work and most recently collaborated with the non-profit organisation, Amplifier Foundation.

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