The Collectors

The Collectors


Our production with Belgian street artist ROA was a unique opportunity to travel to Cambodia and officialise our partnership with the NGO Skateistan, in presence of the artist.

The Decay series by ROA represents a cornerstone of the artist’s work who, like a modern da Vinci, explores the anatomy of his creatures as well as the biological process of decomposition.

With a little scouting in Phnom Penh, we even got some phosphorous paint to lighten up a giant firefly painted by the artist on a water tower at the school; so the last thing the children see when they leave school is a giant glowing firefly, a beacon of light when the sun goes down. Check the video.


We donated 15,000$ To Skateistan’s facility in Phnom Pehn in the name of the artist, to help them develop their Skate and Create lessons for the children.

The equivalent to providing programs for up to 480 students in Cambodia for 2 months!


ROA - The elusive Belgian Artist

Roa’s prolific output has been recorded in videos and photographs, but the Belgian artist himself is virtually undocumented. Roa grew up in the city of Ghent, experiencing all the pop influences of the U.S. of the 1980s. He has suggested he felt the strongest impact from hip-hop and graffiti.

Roa began with the most modest of throw ups against walls and beneath bridges. Like so many others, he became caught up by the passionate and addictive nature of urban art.

Painting animals began on a trial basis for Roa, and he quickly felt the enthusiasm returning to his work in a rush of inspiration. He soon gained commissioned work in Londonds East End which the local council tried to remove. There was such support within the local community to keep the artwork that he soon gained international fame.

“You know the whole world is really taken over by humans. Well, there are a lot of animals who manage to use it to their benefit. I’m really interested in the circle of life as something that most people see as something horrific, it can be something really beautiful.” ROA

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