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“Can Art change the world ?” JR
Artist Bio

JR is the pseudonym of a French artist and photographer. Though very much a public figure and easily one of the world’s most recognizable artists today, JR’s elusive identity remains a mystery to all. The works presented for this collaboration are a selection of the artist’s different projects.

The legends say that JR began his career as a young graffiti artist tagging the urban landscapes of Paris, until he found a camera on the metro. The discovery would be a catalyst to JR’s newfound passion for photography and his unique style of street art – the fusion of photography and graffiti.

Collaboration info

Through our collaboration with JR, we are donating 30% of the sales revenue to two organizations located in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. For Casa Amerela, 15% will fund their new education program. For Coletivo Skate Maré, 15% will fund the construction of a skate park with the help of Make Life Skate Life. With a safe space to skate in the favela, the collective will increase its reach and impact 250 kids per week.