Collaborations with

Grayson PERRY

“The Skateroom collaborates with artists on deck designs and the profits go on to help finance social projects. This combination of waning street credibility and doing ‘good works’ seemed to slip in easily amongst the themes of this exhibition” Grayson PERRY


of the profits from the sale of this Collaboration support Skateistan’s “Skate & Create” program
Artist Bio

Perry is an English artist renowned for his ceramics, tapestries, and his cross-dressing. Having grown up in the backdrop of a violent household, Perry attributes his tendency to dress up as a woman to low self-esteem, corresponding to the idea of women being considered as second class. Perry considers the same of his chosen art form:

“It is like pottery: that’s seen as a second-class thing too.”

Artist ollaboration info

Grayson Perry collaborated with The Skateroom, and created a unique limited edition for the occasion to celebrate his summer exhibition “Grayson Perry: The Most Popular Art Exhibition Ever” at Serpentine Galleries in London, in 2017.

“Kate Board”, an edition of 999, was named by Perry as a tribute to the Duchess of Cambridge in the front of a monumental church brass.

“She is a popular figure who does good work on a church brass. It might be the only context where we would get to stand on top of a member of the Royal Family.” – Grayson Perry – 2017

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