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of the proceeds from this Collaboration fund Cuba Skate
Artist Bio

Coco Capitán is a Spanish contemporary artist born in 1992, currently living in London, England.  Leaving her native country behind to study, she graduated from the London Royal College of Art, and developed a body of work that balances between editorial, brand related, and fine art.  Her pieces have taken form in a number of mediums ranging from photographs, films, and installations, to paintings, and handwritten works – all of which reveal the richness of her creative world.

As an artist and a photographer, Coco Capitán has collaborated with a number of prominent brands including Maison Margiela, Dior, Vogue, and Paco Rabanne.  Undoubtedly, her most notable collaboration to date is with Gucci, where the brand propelled her trademark handwritten prose, poems and aphorisms on walls in New York and Milan, in addition to Gucci’s own apparel products. The artist also photographed the Gucci advertising campaign.

In August 2018, Coco Capitán had her first solo museum exhibition in Asia at Seoul’s Daelim Museum, where 150 different works were presented for the ‘Is It Tomorrow Yet?’ exhibition.  Following the event, she then had a museum exhibition at MEP Paris curated by Simon Baker.

Collaboration info

For this collaboration, Coco Capitán designed and created 12 unique boards from scratch. These original works were presented at the Galeries Lafayette in Paris during a signing for her new book, ‘If You’ve Seen it All. Close Your Eyes.’ on the 27th of May 2019.

Through our collaboration with Coco Capitán, we are donating 100% of the sales revenue to Cuba Skate. The funding will help the non-profit to appropriate abandoned areas and turn them into safe spaces for the skateboarding community. The funding will also help Cuba Skate in their project to build the island’s first official skatepark.

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