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“Skateboarding and art have been important outlets for me growing up. I am happy to help fund Five Acres to help troubled kids find their way” Cleon PETERSON
Bio of Cleon PETERSON

Peterson’s chaotic paintings symbolize the struggle between power and submission in contemporary society around the world. His work is rooted in Greco-Roman painting, as well as the masterpieces of Caravaggio and Goya: he draws from this inspiration to show how little violence has changed from society’s earliest days.

In the past decade, Peterson has had solo and group exhibitions in Paris, Antwerp, Hong Kong, Detroit, Miami, London, San Francisco and New York.

Collaboration info

The works for this Collaboration are from Peterson’s latest series “Blood and Soils,” released in July 2018 at Over The Influence in Los Angeles.

For this collaboration, Cleon Peterson wanted to give back to his community through one of its oldest non-profits, Five Acres. 20% of the proceeds from every sale of this collaboration supports their work in supporting children and families in crisis situations.

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