Skateboarding and the art world have long intertwined, with graphic artists like Jim Philips and Wes Humpston leading the way in the ’80s. Skulls and pentacles reigned supreme, reflecting punk rock as the bedrock of skate culture. As skateboarding evolved from its nonconformist roots into a mainstay of the Summer Olympics, the artwork on skate decks became more intricate and diverse. However, The Skateroom takes it a step further, propelling the artistic evolution of skateboarding. By featuring renowned works from iconic artists on their boards, they transform the utilitarian deck into a mesmerizing canvas to be marveled at.

Founded in 2014 in Brussels, The Skateroom thrives at the intersection of art, skateboarding, and social impact, all under the guidance of Charles-Antoine Bodson. With a blend of artistry, philanthropy, and a passion for skateboarding, The Skateroom crafts bespoke skate decks adorned with the brilliant works of renowned artists. The list of iconic artists who have collaborated with Bodson and adorned his skate decks reads like a who’s who of the art world: Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual ArtsJeff Koons, Ai Wei Wei, Keith Haring, to name just a few.

Most recently, this intersection of fine art and skate culture has taken shape through a collaboration with Foundation Beyeler in Basel, Switzerland. To mark their new exhibition, Basquiat: The Modena Paintings, The Skateroom developed a series of triptyques across skate decks, with work from Jean-Michel Basquiat’s 1982 series created by the artist in Italy.