Delivering a bevy of vibrant hand-painted triptychs alongside THE SKATEROOM’s largest skate deck in history.

CB HoyoEvgen Čopi Gorišek and Pascal Möhlmann have physically melded their distinct individual artistic visions in a striking collaborative venture for THE SKATEROOM. The trio put their six hands to work to curate the largest skateboard art deck in the history of THE SKATEROOM, among a vibrant range of skate deck triptychs, in which each artist applied his ethos to a third, to create an “unforgettable triple-threat visual experience.”

“FALLING” melds the wit of Hoyo, with Gorišek’s smiling figurines and Möhlmann’s Baroque heroines, inviting us to “explore the intricacies of the human experience, embrace the beauty of vulnerability, and celebrate the resilience that lies within us all,” per a statement on THE SKATEROOM’s website.

The grandiose skate deck, entitled OH SHIT HERE WE GO AGAIN, is made of Canadian Maple wood, and clocks in at an impressive 152 cm x 38 cm in dimension. Adorned in intentional and intricate oil paint, the piece fuses the styles of each artist and retails for $15,000 USD.

Meanwhile, the triptychs, entitled REMEMBER TO FALLFALLINGIT HAPPENEDTEMPORARY PAINWE ALL FALL and TRY AGAIN, segment the artist’s individual contributions, with each artist adorning one of the three decks. Each triptych comes with one Snapdisplay wall mount per deck, and retails for approximately $7,932 USD.

“Whenever we learn something new, we often fail or stumble, and this is especially true in activities like skateboarding. Failing repeatedly and continuing to try teaches us not to give up,” said Gorišek in a statement.

The trio’s array of work is available to purchase now on THE SKATEROOM’s online store.