And it’s sponsoring Skateistan’s global expansion

It’s official! The Japanese artist best known for his powerful portraits with eyes that appear simultaneously sweet & sinister, has released four new editions in aid of the award-winning international NGO, Skateistan, under THE SKATEROOM’s social impact business model.

Production by Stijn ERNES

A New Chapter

The collection, which appears alongside the Yoshitomo Nara exhibition at Yuz Museum in Shanghai (5th March – 4th September), is comprised of four exciting new editions – one solo, two triptychs and the artist’s first pentaptych released under THE SKATEROOM.

Featuring Untitled (Schrödinger), 2002; Light Haze Day, 2020; Miss Margaret, 2016; In The Water, 2019; this latest collection celebrates some of the artist’s most iconic works, with each edition interplaying the sweet and sinister elements which makes Nara’s style both unsettling and deeply beautiful. Indeed, some of the original works appear at Yuz Museum’s exhibition in Shanghai, with the editions on sale in the museum store.

As well as being the second collection released by Yoshitomo Nara under THE SKATEROOM’s model, this will also be the second time that the Japanese artist has generated support for the internationally acclaimed NGO, Skateistan. 50,000$ was raised in 2020/21 to sponsor the organization’s third skate school in Bamyan, Afghanistan.

Until the start of August 2021, Skateistan had been running programs in three cities in Afghanistan, as well as in South Africa and Cambodia. But when the government fell, Skateistan had to suspend their programs in Afghanistan for the first time since 2009. This led Skateistan to rethink their strategy – focusing on increasing the number of Skate Schools around the world so they could reach more children, faster. This NGO’s expansion strategy is called ‘A New Chapter’, and intends to operate in 20 locations by the end of 2022.