At THE SKATEROOM, we believe in skateboarding’s power to build communities, empower marginalized voices and inspire creative expression. Skaters around the world have found a home and an identity in their local skateparks, building a familial bond and understanding which can last a lifetime.

In celebration of Pride Month, we want to shine a light on the queer skate community and support an organization whose work towards LGBTQIA+ inclusion and visibility continues to inspire, educate and bring a tangible impact.

New Wave Skate is a collective building safe spaces for queer skaters in England and The Netherlands. With the ever-prevalent issue of discrimination against the LGBTQIA+ community and women, it is vital to create a supportive environment in which skaters of all genders and identities are encouraged to explore their talents and build friendships while they’re at it. New Wave Skate meets this need, organizing skate sessions and creative workshops for over 100 unique participants each month.

It is at the core of our mission to support and champion like-minded organizations. For this reason, we are thrilled to donate 5,000 USD to New Wave Skate UK to help further their change-making efforts. This money will support sessions in Leeds, creating further access and adding to current UK sessions in Nottingham, Manchester and Sheffield.  Through joining forces, we hope to contribute to building a world in which everyone can be authentically and unapologetically themselves – whether on or off the skateboard.

From THE SKATEROOM to our queer skate community – Happy Pride!