Screening and Q+A – 12th July 2022, Metaphor (Athens)



‘The Invincible Summer’ – a deep dive into the work of Free Movement Skateboarding, an Athens-based NGO empowering migrant and local youth in Greece through skateboarding – will premiere on 12th July at Metaphor in Athens. It is THE SKATEROOM’s first documentary film, a 20 minute long celebration of their partnership with the NGO.

Created by Athenian director Evan Maragkoudakis & THE SKATEROOM’s Oisín Tammas, the film interrogates themes of migration, struggle and hope, putting the reality of Free Movement Skateboarding and its young participants front and center. Its backdrop: the economic and refugee crises still prevalent in Greece’s capital.

‘The Invincible Summer’ follows the British co-founder of Free Movement Skateboarding, Will Ascott, as well as two young Athenian instructors, Denia and Yannis, to understand their unwavering dedication to the children they work with. The film, which calls on the Algerian-French philosopher Albert Camus’ quote for its title, reminds us how even in the ‘deepest winters’ there is still an enduring light that guides us through struggle.

The film will premiere in Athens’ Metaphor, an arts & retail space in the Hilton neighborhood of central Athens, on 12th July 2022. The event is free to the public, and will include an introduction to THE SKATEROOM and Free Movement Skateboarding’s work via a Q+A session.

METAPHOR Creative Hub, Dorileou 10, Athina 115 21, Greece

The Invincible Summer