A mobile skatepark in Athens, a group of young people teaching refugee children to skate, a camera following their journey. A political, sensitive, redeeming short documentary that talks about the small utopias forming in the heart of contemporary societies in turmoil.


The Invincible Summer

THE SKATEROOM’s “The Invincible Summer” documentary, created by Oisin Tammas and Evan Maragkoudakis, follows the British co-founder of Free Movement Skateboarding, Will Ascott, as well as two young Athenian instructors, Denia and Yannis, and portrays their unwavering dedication to the children they work with. The film, which calls on the Algerian-French philosopher Albert Camus’ quote for its title, reminds us how even in the ‘deepest winters’ there is still an enduring light that guides us through struggle.

This film, while being an interrogation of the far-right turmoil that forms the backdrop to Free Movement‘s work, is also a celebration of the NGO. THE SKATEROOM is proud to have committed $50,000 in sponsorship to the NGO in 2022, and will continue to support into the future as they look to secure their permanent space.

You can watch the full film now on WaterBear or on Onassis’ YouTube on November 29.

Thanks to Cindy Sherman and Hauser & Wirth for working with THE SKATEROOM to support Free Movement Skateboarding. 

The Invincible Summer
Watch on Onassis (available November 29, 9pm CET)