Gregor HILDEBRANDT releases 10 unique music-inspired skateboard artworks, plus limited edition collection, with THE SKATEROOM.

In collaboration with Kunsthalle Praha and Almine Rech, Gregor HILDEBRANDT has created a collection of limited edition and unique art pieces for THE SKATEROOM, with a portion of revenue going towards Berlin-based, internationally operating social skate NGO, Skateistan. The collection is released in tandem with his exhibition at Kunsthalle Praha in Prague.

The Gregor HILDEBRANDT Collection



Gregor HILDEBRANDT was born in Bad Homburg, Germany, in 1974. He currently lives and works in Berlin. He is most known for his work in the medium of cassette tape and vinyl, working to create minimalist yet deeply romantic paintings, sculptures, and installations. Though much of his work is still, silent, there is a kinetic and sonic depth: all of his works contain prerecorded materials – songs or films – on the base material (the tape/vinyl). In 2018, Hildebrandt created together with his partner, the artist Alicja Kwade, the label Grzegorzki Records.

“I think there is a fundamental connection between art and skateboarding. The art of skateboarding is about how it looks when you do a trick particularly well or when you just roll with the skateboard. I’m very happy that I’m able to make skateboards for THE SKATEROOM, because when I was skateboarding myself, I always thought about how a skateboard should look aesthetically.” – Gregor HILDEBRANDT

Gregor Hildebrandt skating - THE SKATEROOM
Artist portrait: @j_anne_darc


The Collection

The collection, released in tandem with Gregor Hildebrandt’s Kunsthalle Praha exhibition in Czech Republic, comprises 10 unique artworks, each named after a song (recorded onto the tape used in the creation of the respective artworks) and two limited editions: Barta Board and Barta Board Black. The first of these is released in a run of 100 editions, the second in a run of 25 hand-signed editions. Both are in the form of solos.

The collection is available now on THE SKATEROOM website, as well as via Kunsthalle Praha’s and Almine Rech Gallery’s channels.

Gregor Hildebrandt

Gregor HILDEBRANDT Interview