The Skateroom Peace and Sport Art

Nominated for the Peace and Sport Awards 2019!

We are honored to be nominated for this year’s Peace and Sport Awards! This nomination sees us alongside fellow B Corp, Danone, in the ‘CSR Initiative of the Year’ category. Created in 2008, the annual Peace and Sport Awards reward organizations and individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to peace, dialogue and social stability […]

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$565,000 supporting social projects

We are very proud today to announce that we have raised over $565,000 towards our continued social mission. Since 2014, we have funded 29 social skateboarding projects, helping them scale up their operations and build up their capacities, while impacting and empowering the lives of thousands of at-risk youth. The Skateroom isn’t just a team […]

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The Rural Changemakers – September Update 2019

The Rural Changemakers is a social project launched in an isolated rural village of India, heavily regulated by caste and hierarchy. It was started February 2014 by Ulrike Reinhard with the desire to use skateboarding as a tool to drive fundamental social, cultural, and economic change. The Janwaar Castle project had two simple rules: no […]

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