MAK2 and THE SKATEROOM collaborate for the first time, releasing one limited edition (100 of each) as well as two original painted triptych artworks, inspired by the artist’s incredible Home Sweet Home series.

Home Sweet Home (2019-) are triptychs on canvas that make use of the popular American life simulation video game “The Sims” and are each painted by three separate painters on the Chinese e-commerce platform Taobao. In addition to this, the collection includes two unique artworks painted across a triptych of skateboards, like the Home Sweet Home series, by three Taobao painters with as little information as possible. The result, three decks forming a triptych in three distinct styles.

A new generation of Hong Kong artists.

MAK2 aka Mak Ying Tung 2 (b. 1989, Hong Kong) is a conceptual artist. Her work contemplates 21st-century issues through the study of philosophy, art history, culture, shifting socio-political environments, the Internet, and new technology. The aesthetic experience she crafts is bound by the dualism of humor and intense inquisitiveness. She creates, installations, paintings, drawings, video work, youtube videos, stand-up comedy routines, and Instagram filters.

MAK2 artist picture
©Mak2. Courtesy DE SARTHE.


Building a skatepark, leaving a lasting impact.

Timor Leste has faced decades of conflict, leaving the island in economic turmoil. After visiting the crumbling recreational facilities built by local NGO Ba Futuru in 2007, Timor Skate was created to kickstart a new skatepark with multiple activity areas located on the grounds of the local non-profit organization Ba Futuru.

A new skatepark will provide job training opportunities for young adults during the construction phase, and result in a free multi-use recreational space for youth to be able to play freely and flourish. 10% of all revenue from the MAK2 collection will be gifted to Timor Skate, for the expansion, construction and upkeep of the Timor-Leste skatepark project.

Picture of Timor Skate - kids skateboarding
Courtesy ©Time SKate


The collection is now available on, following MAK2’s exhibition at Peres Projects in Berlin.

Special thanks to DE SARTHE in Hong Kong for making this collaboration possible.