After 8th September's launch at THE SKATEROOM Gallery (Brussels), Jules de Balincourt's first collection with THE SKATEROOM is now available online.

Our new Collaboration with Jules de Balincourt

From the drought-ridden pools of California, to the ivy-curtains of Costa Rica, Jules de Balincourt’s premiere collection with THE SKATEROOM comprises four limited, hand-signed editions and one unique, original artwork on skateboard art pieces: Expats Ticos & Gringos, New Arrivals, Idol Hands and Looking For An Enlightened Cowboy. These editions come in the form of a pentaptych, two triptych and solo respectively.

“Whether as a skater on the streets, or a surfer on a wave, everyone has their distinct style. It’s the same with painting on a canvas, it’s like an imprint of your soul. It’s your spirit being transformed in this improvised dance, in a way. Skateboarding is an improvised response to an urban landscape, painting to a blank canvas.”

The collection was released as part of the skateboard-art collection at THE SKATEROOM Gallery on 8th September 2022, and on 12th September online. Running alongside the famed Brussels Gallery Weekend, the event featured a bespoke scenography and the presence of the artist himself. Alongside the collection, Jules de Balincourt released an original, never before seen artwork, painted directly onto a skateboard triptych. For those who missed the event, you can own a piece of history yourself by shopping his hand-signed limited editions on online now – and, indeed, the original piece Beach boat blues  is available (for now)!

Jules De Balincourt skateboards

THE SKATEROOM Podcast: Jules De Balincourt

Event photography by Yaqine Hamzaoui


Original Artwork by Jules de Balincourt


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