Multi-hyphenate artist JOHN Yuyi releases a brand new collaboration with THE SKATEROOM, in support of Kovalam Skate Club.

No one navigates the delicate waters of mass media and post-internet expression quite as consciously and as sensitively as JOHN Yuyi. Based in New York City, and traveling around the world, with a background spanning fashion, photography, installation and digital art, the artist has a unique gift for diving into contemporary culture and capturing what it means to be a human being, a woman and a body within the digital realm.
The brand new limited collection of skateboard art decks marks her first ever collaboration with THE SKATEROOM. JOHN Yuyi will personally launch the project during an official event at HBX in New York, hand-signing decks on the spot.

Digital State of Mind

Since the beginning of her career, Yuyi’s work has seen her body transform into a canvas. She explores bodily representation across social media, the internet’s imprint on how we process the world around us, as well as our deep yearning for connectivity in a society where attention is the strongest currency.

The limited skate art editions depict five of Yuyi’s works and are a perfect representation of her disruptive vision and edge. In her work, Yuyi experiments with aesthetics and technology, channeling the chaos, anxieties and mindsets of the hyper-online generation. Her art creates a snapshot of a society which exists between two worlds – living in the physical yet with a digital state of mind, speaking to the human need for belonging, community and acceptance.

Yuyi’s work has always been closely connected to the core themes of female empowerment and gender equality, and the social project we have partnered up with for this collaboration reflects just that. Kovalam Skate champions and advocates for girls in skateboarding, building a safe and just space for them to reach their fullest potential and thrive within a like-minded, embracing community.

Portrait John Yuyi - limited collection - square image