Looking back on our Weekend of Art, Skate and Social Change – one thing is clear...

You had to be there.

When you’re throwing a party for three communities at once (art, skate and social change), things are bound to get out of hand. But what a night it was. Thank you to everybody who came out for both SHRED and Tobias SPICHTIG and THE SKATEROOM GALLERY, and What Are Skating For? at THE SKATEROOM HQ.

With a sold-out collection by the amazing Anastasia BAY, people turned out in their hundreds to support our social impact model. 20% of revenue from the whole collaboration is going towards the skatepark construction project in Morocco.

Now, as we take a moment to re-hydrate, this is your chance to own the unique and super-limited artworks that were on sale over the weekend.

Check out the pictures of the events on Facebook: What Are Skating For? at THE SKATEROOM HQ photo album, and SHRED at THE SKATEROOM GALLERY – photo album.

the skateroom exhibition

Original Artworks