THE SKATEROOM’s extremely-limited, hand-touched pieces – by ‘the most influential skateboarder of all time’ – is now LIVE!

Last week, Mark Gonzales unveiled his Ready To Articulate collection, in conjunction with a solo exhibition of the same name, at HVW8 Gallery in Los Angeles. And what a huge success it was. We were stoked to be out there in person making new friends, like Michele Lamy, Devendra Banhart and Mr Wash. With the new collection, released through THE SKATEROOM’s model for social change, generating support for 7Hills skateboarding programs in Amman, Jordan – the hype was REAL. Thank you to everybody.

And for those who weren’t able to join us. You’ve followed the countdown. We’ve been gearing up to drop a run of 10 ‘hand-touched’ editions of each artwork on our website. That’s 30 unique editions – altered by the artistic hand of Mark Gonzales. 

Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

 Update: While they’re now sold out on our website, you can still head over to our partner HVW8 to get yours.



A safe skate-haven for children in Jordan.

7Hills began its operations in Jordan back in 2014 with the build of a public skatepark and in 2016 launched regular programs to teach children skateboarding. 

Today, with the support of this new Mark Gonzales collection, 7Hills is able to offer artistic, educational and vocational workshops as part of its Al Raseef “makerspace” for children of all ages, ethnicities and genders. Just under 50% of the young people they work with identify as female. 

“​​Al Raseef means ‘Sidewalk’ in Arabic and is located right in front of the entrance of the 7Hills skatepark. The creative hub fosters experimentation with “making” and “creating” in ways that connect “the public space” with “the private space” in an open and constant discussion.” – 7Hills