According to’s World Skatepark Map there are an estimated 4820 skateparks around our blue little planet. Each skatepark’s build is unique in its own way with locations, materials, and obstacles leaving no two alike. Of course, with nearly 5000 of these wonderfully adventurous playgrounds, there were bound to be a few odd experiments in the mix.

Wondering what are the craziest skateparks in the world? Let’s find out!


House of Vans in London

Keeping with its “Off The Walls” spirit, House of Vans in London provides a cultural hub for skateboarding, music, film, and basically all things art-related. Located below the Waterloo subway station, the site boasts an impressive 2,500 sqm surface across 5 different tunnels. While the venue has welcomed a slew of international acts such as Chvrches, Foo Fighters, and Metallica, the skatepark is spread over 3 tunnels to cater to skaters of all levels!


Koo Jeong’s Glow-in-the-Dark Skatepark

‘otro’ by night image © l’escaut architecture

In 2008, South Korean artist Koo Jeong-A set out to create a dreamy landscape in the middle of the wilderness. Finding her ideal spot on an island in the artificial lake of Vassivière, France, the artist designed and created a phosphorescent skatepark allowing skaters to hit the concrete at night. Koo Jeong-A’s successful concept would go on to produce phosphorescent twin in Liverpool, circa 2015.


Nike’s Skate Safari Barge

Go Skateboarding Day is kind of like the Independence Day of skaters. With festivities all over, the world turns into one enormous skatepark for skaters to discover and enjoy. Even water becomes an area of conquest. In 2015, Nike created its Skate Safari Barge to celebrate the day in New York City. Over 75 meters long, the floating park drifted back and forth between Brooklyn and Manhattan as it accommodated skaters for the event.


The Nike SB Shelter from Berlin

Initially called the Skatehalle Berlin, Nike renovated the indoor location and converted it into a public street park for every single kind of skater that possibly exists. Blocks, stairs, rails, and bowls, it’s got it all and and should definitely be in your destinations if you’re in Berlin!