2022 was our biggest year yet. One incredible collaboration after the next. We want to thank all our partners, and you, our community, for becoming the change this year.


A year in social impact

Thank you. Yes you. You were a key part of our mission to create true, lasting social change this year. Whether you’re one of our conscious customers, a social partner, artist collaborator, or just somebody who reads a post of ours once in a while – the chain of change isn’t complete without you. You became the change. You are the change. 

This year we gifted $262,000 in sponsorship for social projects in skateboarding. That money was distributed to 11 social projects, in 32 locations, based on our formal commitments with these partners. The result? 3 new skateparks for 10,300 young people empowered and educated through regular programs and lessons. 



Building Pakistan's First Skatepark

Salad Days of Skateboarding support blossoming skate communities with infrastructure, equipment and mentorship in the most underserved regions of the world. Partnering with the local club Skate Pakistan, and with the support of skatepark construction pro’s Wonders Around the World, Pakistan’s first skatepark will be complete in 2023.

Skatepark Pakistan


The World's First Recycled Skatepark

Sharing a strong sense of self-sustainability, Cuba Skate has supported locals in revamping abandoned warehouses into DIY skateable spaces, repurposing their donated skateboards, beach cleaning initiatives, and is now on a mission to build the world’s first recycled plastic skatepark.

Cuba Skate


Seeding Skateboarding in Ecuador

In March 2021, Wonders Around The World started the development of Miranda Skatepark located in Puerto Engabao, Ecuador. Puerto Engabao is a rural beach town famous for surfing – located in Playas, Guayas, in Southern Ecuador. In 2022, THE SKATEROOM committed a portion of the projects budget to Wonders Around The World, allowing the NGO partner to complete Miranda Skatepark with and for the local youth,

Ecuador Skatepark


A skatepark for at-risk youth outside Marrakech

Tameslouht is a village located some 17 km south of Marrakech, Morocco. For almost two decades, Centre Fiers & Forts has served parentless children from the region here, welcoming them with housing, food, and access to education. As part of the center’s current expansion project, they decided to provide a new activity to the kids: skateboarding. THE SKATEROOM, in partnership with Concrete Jungle Foundation, answered their call.


Concrete Jungle Foundation - CJF


A safe skate-haven for children in Jordan.

7Hills began its operations in Jordan back in 2014 with the build of a public skatepark and in 2016 launched regular programs to teach children skateboarding. Today, with the support of THE SKATEROOM, 7Hills is able to offer artistic, educational and vocational workshops as part of its Al Raseef “makerspace” for children of all ages, ethnicities and genders. Just under 50% of the young people they work with identify as female.


Empowering refugees in Athens through skateboarding

Founded in 2016, Free Movement Skateboarding is an international organization which offers skateboarding lessons to youth communities in Athens and in refugee camps/centers around the city. They offer daily sessions, including educational programs, creative workshops and non-binary/LGBTQ+-friendly sessions. Specializing in offering activities for kids that are suffering from childhood trauma, Free Movement creates safe environments to tackle mental health issues as well as simply offering opportunities to play and integrate socially with others.

Girl with a skateboard


A New Chapter – Skateistan’s global expansion

THE SKATEROOM is proudly supporting Skateistan’s five-pronged approach to expansion. This expansion strategy is called ‘A New Chapter’, and intends to operate in 20 locations by the end of 2022. By that time, they will be reaching over 4,500 children per week, with a clear and concise focus on diversity and inclusion.

9/4/14 A young boy stands holding his skateboard during the practice time with Skateistan organisation that teaches children from Troyville skateboarding and other extra murual activities at the David Webster Park in Troyville,east side Johannesburg CBD. Picture:Paballo Thekiso