Last week we compiled a list of sweet virtual exhibitions that you could check out from home. This week, we are making a special list for those of you who want to keep your hands free but still enjoy a good art chat. That’s right Podcast-lovers, this one’s all about you! Just choose one of our recommended podcasts, sit back and knock a beer down OR cook yourself a delicious dinner – anything you want – while soaking up some class A (for art) culture!

A Piece of Work

Hosted by Abbi Jacobson, co-creator of Comedy Central’s “Broad City”, this 10-episode series goes behind the scenes of the Museum of Modern Art. Join the ride as she explores everything from Pop art to performance through lively conversations with curators, artists and a few special guests. A new way to discover modern art in a more approachable way.

Bad at Sports

Founded in 2005, Bad at Sports is a weekly podcast that features every different actor within the art world and brings them to the table to talk about art and the community that shapes its present and future.

L’Art est la matière

For French speakers, take a trip with France Culture to discover or rediscover masterpieces passed to posterity in the company of Jean de Loisy as he engages the keen eyes who uncovered these artifacts of human history.

The Lonely Palette

Host Tamar Avishai helps return art history to the masses, one painting at a time. Each episode is dedicated to a different painting, and interviews unsuspecting museum visitors about it. They dive into the subject matter, movement, and social context. She’s basically the person you want next to you when you look at a painting and go, “huh?!”.

The Modern Art Notes

Art critique and historian, Tyler Green, interviews artists, art historians, curators, critics and authors both in the studio and in art museums around the United States. Forbes named the site “best of the web” so you know it’s got some serious knowledge to drop!