THE SKATEROOM is proud to reveal our first limited collection with The Andy Warhol Foundation and The Brant Foundation.

For almost a decade, THE SKATEROOM has been working closely with The Andy Warhol Foundation, upholding the artist’s timeless legacy and channeling it into iconic skate art decks. This time we are proud to present a truly special result of our cooperation – the first limited collection of 100 Self-Portraits editions, in partnership with The Brant Foundation, who are currently displaying a collection of over 100 artworks by Andy Warhol as part of the Thirty Are Better Than One exhibition in the East Village.

Behind the Artist

Andy Warhol’s Self-Portraits are a series of intimate polaroid photographs, taken by the artist through the decades of his career. Famously meticulous about his self-image, Andy Warhol turned the lens on himself to offer a rare glimpse into the many dimensions of his personality. Each edition within the collection is one of a kind, with its own color hue and a unique polaroid photograph at its center.

The snapshots capture his chameleonic versatility, fluidity, style, humor as well as aesthetic range which captivates with each image. The project is also an interesting diversion from his commitment to silkscreen, choosing instead a medium which is much more instant and vulnerable. This unique approach makes Andy Warhol’s Self-Portraits a precursory work of curated self-expression, relevant now more than ever.

Andy Warhol Self-portraits - all 100 unique artworks in different colors
THE SKATEROOM x The Andy Warhol Foundation x The Brant Foundation

We are proud to unravel the largely unseen layers of Andy Warhol’s fascinating mystique, and celebrate his vision with the release of this exclusive collection. THE SKATEROOM will donate at least 10% of revenue from this collaboration to the Harold Hunter Foundation – a grassroots organization providing support, opportunity and advocacy for New York City’s skateboarders. Profits will also generously support the philanthropic work of The Andy Warhol Foundation which has distributed nearly $280M in cash grants to date in support of contemporary visual art.

100 Unique Andy Warhol Self-Portraits

Thanks to our partners The Andy Warhol Foundation and The Brant Foundation for making this collaboration possible.

Andy Warhol