Actually, looking back, even we are a little shocked by how many new collaborations there were in 2022. Here's what you might have missed.

Yoshitomo NARA x YUZ Museum

The 2022 collection, which appeared alongside the Yoshitomo Nara exhibition at Yuz Museum in Shanghai, was our second with the artist. It was also the second time that Nara has sponsored, via our model, the internationally-renowned NGO, Skateistan, this time supporting their Expansion Program. 

Featuring Untitled (Schrödinger), 2002; Light Haze Day, 2020; Miss Margaret, 2016; In The Water, 2019; this latest collection celebrates some of the artist’s most iconic works, with each edition interplaying the sweet and sinister elements which makes Nara’s style both unsettling and deeply beautiful.

Yoshitomo NARA - 2022 Collection

Louise BOURGEOIS x The Met

Artists like Louise Bourgeois come along once in a century. She looked life full in the face, embraced and dissected her struggles and traumas, moved beautifully between subjects, forms, and materials, and did it all with a childlike perspective that stayed with her until her passing at age 98. She was, truly, one of the most inspirational artists of our time.

Working closely with The Easton Foundation, which manages the artist’s legacy, and THE MET, we were inspired to keep the flame of Louise Bourgeois’s work burning in a totally new form—skateboard art editions. This is a medium which, by its very nature, must be destroyed to be creative, and is created to be destroyed. This kind of paradox is at play in much of Bourgeois’s work and can be seen in the 4 key images that comprise this collection: Les Fleurs, Femme Maison, Extreme Tension, and Ode à Ma Mère.



In February, Mark Gonzales unveiled his Ready To Articulate collection of skateboard art pieces, in conjunction with a solo exhibition of the same name at HVW8 Gallery in Los Angeles. And what a huge success it was. We were stoked to be out there in person making new friends, like Michele Lamy, Devendra Banhart and Mr Wash. 

With the new collection, released through THE SKATEROOM’s model for social change, generating support for 7Hills skateboarding programs in Amman, Jordan – the hype was REAL. Thank you to everybody who took part.


Taking place in April 2022, WHAT ARE WE SKATING FOR? was our first collective show, working directly on skateboards as a medium. It featured performances, appearances and exhibitions by 5 renowned creative forces: Anastasia BAY, Marc LESCHELIER, Paul McCARTHY, Tobias SPICHTIG, and the LAMYLAND Collective under the patronage of the legend Michèle LAMY, internationally renowned creative hyphenate, co-founding Partner and Executive Manager of art/furniture brand Owenscorp.
The LAMYLAND collective comprises the creative genius of 6 artists: Giovanni Leonardo BASSAN, EPHEMERISM, Marc LESCHELIER, Scarlett ROUGE, Connor TINGLEY and Brandon WEN.

10% of all revenue went towards building a skatepark for orphaned youth in Tameslouht, Morocco.



“SHRED is kind of homage to skateboarding and at the same time it is a way to kind of transform the shredding of the board into a painting, so the whole point of this project is to actually do exactly the same thing as skaters are doing in the streets.” the words of Marc Leschelier, on his exhibition at THE SKATEROOM. 

On display as part of our WEEKEND OF ART, SKATE & SOCIAL CHANGE event, SHRED displayed a collection of 15 original artworks on skateboards by Marc LESCHELIER. 10% of all revenue went towards building a skatepark for orphaned youth in Tameslouht, Morocco.


Tobias Spichtig lives and works in Zürich and Berlin. His work spans painting, sculpture and performance. As part of his exhibition in April for THE SKATEROOM’s WEEKEND OF ART, SKATE & SOCIAL CHANGE, the artist produced three “Ornaments” original solo pieces, each unique, inspired by what he calls his “ideal skateboard”, and a limited series entitled simply “Sunglasses”. 10% of all revenue went towards building a skatepark for orphaned youth in Tameslouht, Morocco. 

Tobias SPICHTIG - Sunglasses Skate Art

Cindy SHERMAN x Fondation Beyeler

Cindy SHERMAN’s ground-breaking photographs have interrogated themes around representation and identity in contemporary media for over four decades. In collaboration with THE SKATEROOM, the artist united with a community-focused social skate NGO in 2022. Free Movement Skateboarding empowers and educates local at-risk and refugee youth in Athens, Greece, now with the support of one of the world’s most exciting artists. 

The new collection, launched under THE SKATEROOM’s social impact model, comprises two very-limited triptych skateboard pieces (50 editions of each). The two artworks  hand-signed by the artist – Untitled Film Still #21, 1978 and Untitled #414, 2003 – are taken from two of Cindy Sherman’s most iconic series.

Cindy Sherman - Untitled (Clown) hand-signed triptych


From the drought-ridden pools of California, to the ivy-curtains of Costa Rica, Jules de Balincourt’s premiere collection with THE SKATEROOM comprises four limited, hand-signed editions and one original artwork on skateboards: Expats Ticos & Gringos, New Arrivals, Idol Hands and Looking For An Enlightened Cowboy

The collection was released at THE SKATEROOM Gallery on 8th September 2022, and on 12th September online. Running alongside the famed Brussels Gallery Weekend, the event featured a bespoke scenography and the presence of the artist himself. You can still own part of this collection yourself, and empower the amazing work of our partners 7Hills, in Jordan. 

Jules de Balincourt - hand-signed edition

Edward HOPPER x Whitney Museum

New York City has always had a place at the heart of THE SKATEROOM’s mission. It’s where you’ll find some of the planet’s most legendary galleries, it is a graceland for skateboarding and, of course, has been home to some of the world’s greatest modern and contemporary artists. One such artist: Edward Hopper, perhaps the definitive painter of early twentieth-century America. 

The inaugural Edward Hopper skateboard collection features three open editions featuring City Roofs, Early Sunday Morning and Manhattan Bridge – showing the Big Apple from the perspective of America’s legendary realist artist. 10% of all revenue goes towards the work of Cuba Skate to build the world’s first all-recycled plastic skatepark.

Edward Hopper - Manhattan Bridge Artwork
Edward Hopper - Manhattan Bridge


In the artist’s inaugural collaboration with THE SKATEROOM, three limited skateboard editions (a solo, triptych and pentaptych) were released to raise support for Skateboarding Pakistan’s construction of the country’s first skatepark. 

The collection was released on November 14th in tandem with MOCA’s Henry Taylor: B Side show at MOCA, the most extensive museum presentation of Henry Taylor’s work to date. The collection featured three incredible artworks: Cicely and Miles Visit the Obamas, The 4th, and See Alice Jump. 

Henry TAYLOR - Cicely and Miles Visit the Obamas - Home Decor
Cicely and Miles Visit the Obamas - Henry TAYLOR

Keith HARING – 2022 Collection

After decades of Haring woven into Western art and culture, THE SKATEROOM invites a fresh perspective on the late NYC legend to celebrate the new 2022 skateboard collection. That perspective comes in collaboration with iconic queer skateboarder & artist, Yann Horowitz.

The new 2022 Haring collection consists in 7 newly featured artworks on skateboards, each depicting an iconic work by Keith Haring: Crack Down, Free South Africa, Fight AIDS, Untitled (Inferno), Untitled (Electric), Untitled (Centipede) and Smile On Stripes.

Keith HARING - Artworks - THE SKATEROOM 2022
© Keith Haring Foundation. Licensed by Artestar, New York.

Andy WARHOL – 2022 Collection

What does the Dollar sign really stand for? Greed? Or the ability to create change? In our iconic 2022 Andy Warhol collection, we see the pop-art legend’s signature technique of repeating the same symbols over and over, until its meaning is deconstructed, even changed. In our latest collection featuring the work of Andy Warhol, the Cow and Dollar Bill motifs take center stage.

As part of our social entrepreneurship model, 10% of all the revenue from this Andy Warhol collection goes towards building skateparks and empowering youth in the world’s most vulnerable communities via our social skate partners.

Andy Warhol Skateboards


From giant inflatable buttplugs to tearing Trump a new one, it’s been a wild ride since we hooked up with Paul McCARTHY back in 2016. In 2022, we released our first one-of-a-kind edition with one of our dearest friends, as part of our WEEKEND OF ART, SKATE & SOCIAL CHANGE at our Brussels HQ. 

The event was a riotous success and, although neither Damon nor Paul could be there in person, the spirit of his work was woven into the very fabric of the night, a spiraling delight of iconoclasm, social-engagement and down-right mischievousness. 10% of all revenue went towards building a skatepark for orphaned youth in Tameslouht, Morocco.

Original Artwork by Paul MCCARTHY

Anastasia BAY

One of the most exciting upcoming artists in the world right now, Anastasia Bay joined our WEEKEND OF ART, SKATE & SOCIAL CHANGE in April, with a series of unique, hand-painted skateboard art editions. The collections sold out during the event, so unfortunately you won’t be able to own one. But rest assured, this is not the last time Anastasia and THE SKATEROOM will work together. 10% of all revenue went towards building a skatepark for orphaned youth in Tameslouht, Morocco.


Gregor HILDEBRANDT x Kunsthalle Praha

In collaboration with Kunsthalle Praha and Almine Rech, German artist Gregor Hildebrandt created a collection of limited edition and unique art pieces for THE SKATEROOM, with a portion of revenue going towards Berlin-based, internationally operating social skate NGO, Skateistan. The collection was released in December in tandem with his exhibition at Kunsthalle Praha in Prague, and had music at its heart – each unique piece was made using pre-recorded audio tape, and every purchase came with the music of one of Hildebrandt’s most beloved label artists, PAAR. 

Gregor Hildebrandt