...because times are tough.

If you’ve followed THE SKATEROOM for a while, you’ll know that we normally never do discounts. It ensures that when we give 10% (minimum) of all revenue to our social partners, that impact is the greatest it can be.

But this year is anything but normal. Things are tough out there, so as the holiday season approaches, we wanted to give back to you, our conscious collectors, looking to create real social change around the world, and own an incredible piece of skateboard art in the process.

So, from now until end of December we will be giving 10% off to you*, in addition to that 10% for change. Simply add the below code to your next purchase at THE SKATEROOM.


Order before 15th December 2022 to ensure your order arrives before Christmas Day. 

*Discount applies to Limited and Open Editions only, excluding Original & Unique artworks.


$1.5-million and counting...

Since 2014, THE SKATEROOM has worked closely with the world’s most influential artists, to empower international skate and education nonprofits & projects. As a proud B Corp, we embrace a social entrepreneurship model, while actively working to improve sustainability and transparency in our work.

We make a commitment to the organizations we sponsor: at least 10% of all revenue at THE SKATEROOM goes directly to creating social change. We help empower youth around the world, build new skateparks and develop education facilities & resource programs. By buying editions from THE SKATEROOM, our collectors & community have a direct role in creating lasting social change. Together, we work towards a brighter future for consumerism.

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