TSR Weekly Round-Up: 19/07/21

Welcome back to The Skateroom’s Weekly Round-up – a place where we gather the past seven days of social impact, inclusivity and creativity in skateboarding for your personal inspiration. It’s our tribute to all the incredible work being done by social skate projects, diverse individuals, progressive communities and more. We hope it’ll be a source […]

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TSR Weekly Round-Up: 09/07/21

Welcome to the first in The Skateroom’s weekly round-ups – a place where we gather the past seven days of social impact and inclusivity in skateboarding for your personal inspiration. This is the frontline, the ‘new wave’ – a term which pops up from time to time, denoting the non-traditional and progressive subcultural movement, spearheaded […]

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The First Collaboration with Artist James Rosenquist

Pop-art masterpiece F-111, flies flag for social impact on skateboards The sinister contradictions of 1960s America, as imagined by a pop-art master, find a fresh form in our first collaboration with the James Rosenquist Foundation.  Painted during 1964-65 – in the middle of one of America’s most turbulent decades – F-111’s depiction of a ‘fighter […]

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Why do we go skateboarding?

It’s Go Skateboarding Day. A time when skaters all over the planet take to the streets together. This year things are inevitably going to be a little different. For some, a more relaxed gathering is possible, for others it’ll be a lonely if not locked-down session. June 21st is no longer the day of laissez […]

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Not In Paris Skateboard

You’re cordially invited to Not In Paris 3

Together with Highsnobiety, The Skateroom is delighted to unveil a limited edition triptych of American artist Paul McCarthy during Not in Paris 3 event. Not In Paris is a digital exhibition meant to connect with brands, artists and creatives as fashion weeks get canceled. The Skateroom is excited to be featured in this Third Edition of […]

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