The new hand-signed Raymond Pettibon

The Skateroom is excited to launch its second collaboration with American artist Raymond Pettibon, once again exploring the internationally acclaimed artist’s surfer-themed works. Intermixing image and text, Raymond Pettibon’s influential oeuvre engages a wide spectrum of American iconography variously pulled from literature, art history, philosophy, politics, sports, and alternative youth culture, among other sources. This […]

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The Royal Bengal Skatepark is now open!

Way out in the middle of nature, in the Bhawal National Forest of Gazipur, now lies the first public skatepark of Bangladesh! Doesn’t it look amazing? This project is the fruit of incredible efforts from the selected program Bangladesh Street Kids Aid and is a dream that finally came true for their team but most […]

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The first public skatepark in Bangladesh

Some good news! We are happy to share the news that we selected the non-profit Bangladesh Street Kids Aid to receive our $15,000 grant. With this grant, they are able to develop the country’s very first public skatepark. There are 600,000 children living and working on the streets of Dhaka. The social project seeks to help as many kids […]

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2020 Highlights: What a year!

Thank you for your support in 2020 Despite everything, we realized six new artist collaborations and were able to donate around $250,000 to social skate projects around the world. We are getting very close to $950,000 in total since the launch of The Skateroom! We are very proud of what we accomplished so far and we […]

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All Andy Warhol Skull Editions The Skateroom Limited

Andy Warhol Skulls: New Limited Editions of 100!

SKULLS: Very limited Andy Warhol editions The Skateroom is partnering with The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts to explore the Pop artist’s Skulls series from 1976. The Skulls series is based on a black and white photograph originally taken by one of Warhol’s assistants. Following Warhol’s instructions, his assistant took photographs while casting […]

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Green Friday Doubling our Social Impact

Green Friday: Doubling our Donations!

This year we are doing GREEN Friday. Same editions but DOUBLE donations! Positive impact is The Skateroom’s core value. It’s been that way since we started back in 2014 and it is the reason why we are a B Corporation. Up until this point we donated over $800,000 to social projects around the world, using […]

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The Skateroom Annual Report 2019

Annual Report 2019

Our very first annual report is here! Find out about who we are, what we do, and why we do it. As we continue to create a global community around our Art for Social Impact movement, we invite you to discover our goals, social and environmental commitments, challenges, results, and our plans for the future. […]

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The Skateroo Skateistan skateboarding social enterprise art

5 Reasons Why Skateboarding is Awesome

Skateboarding is one of those sports that looks cool. You don’t really know why, but there’s just something about it that makes you want to jump on a board and hit the streets – or at least that’s what going on through our heads as we watch someone else grind a rail. At The Skateroom, […]

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Skatepark The Skateroom News Skating Barge

Craziest Skateparks in the World!

According to’s World Skatepark Map there are an estimated 4820 skateparks around our blue little planet. Each skatepark’s build is unique in its own way with locations, materials, and obstacles leaving no two alike. Of course, with nearly 5000 of these wonderfully adventurous playgrounds, there were bound to be a few odd experiments in […]

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