How do I buy a deck from your website?

Just click on the following link: and follow the easy steps to check out

Does my deck come with wheels & grip?

No, your deck comes in a protective bag with elements to hang your deck on your wall.

Can I skate with my deck?

Yes, you are free to do what you want with your newly bought skateboard, you just need to buy a set of wheels and a grip before you go out for a spin.

How do I hang my deck?

Your deck comes with a special wall mount that will give it a floating effect on your wall.

All you need is a drill and a screwdriver!

How do I clean my deck?

Use a duster or a soft dry cloth and gently pass over your deck until it gleams. Do not use water, soap or other chemicals as this could tamper the artwork.

Where are the decks stored?

Our decks are stored in a ventilated secret bunker guarded by ninjas and a three-headed dragon.

Do you organize shows?

The Skateroom does organize shows; sign up to our blog and newsletter to find out where and when.

Can I borrow a deck for a show?

All depends on the show you have in mind, the best option is to just contact us:

Do you skate?

Yes! At least back in the days we used to, on heavy old school natas skateboards… We’re also huge fans of graffiti, comics and all things nice.

Where are you located?

The Skateroom is a worldwide online platform, but the founders are located in beautiful Brussels.

What do you mean by "Hand Signed"?

The artist has signed the deck personally.

What do you mean by "Signed in the Deck"?

The artist’s signature is printed in the deck.

What do you mean by "Limited Edition"?

There is only a limited number of decks available.

What do you mean by "Hand Numbered"?

This is a limited edition; the decks are hand numbered

What do you mean by "Numbered in the deck"?

This is a limited edition, with the number printed in the deck.

What about security?

We use Stripe and Paypal for secure payments. All personal pages are encrypted.

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