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Certified B Corporations are leading a global movement to redefine success in business. By voluntarily meeting higher standards of transparency, accountability, and performance, Certified B Corps are distinguishing themselves in a cluttered marketplace by offering a positive vision of a better way to do business. Certified B Corps are competing to be not just ‘The Best in the World’, but ‘The Best for the World’.

At The Skateroom, we believe the human conscience is evolving to a point where concepts such as engaged consumption and responsible product manufacturing will soon become a norm. Our philosophy has been the same since day one, which is why becoming a certified B Corporation was not a question, but the logical next step in our evolution.

Our Social Impact is at the core of who we are and what we stand for. Our ‘5:25’ business model is simple: by unleashing human creativity and the fruits of artistic labor, we either contribute 5% of the turnover or 25% of the profit from of every sale – whichever amount is greater – to fund social projects dedicated to moving humanity forward. The final funds given to support these projects thus depend on various factors among which are the edition size, the price, the retailer’s margin, the royalties paid to the artists and foundations.

Since the start of our project in 2014, we have proudly funded more than $700,000 in support of various social projects empowering youth and children around the world.

Through our sales, we mainly finance social projects that use skateboarding as a tool to empower disadvantaged kids and youth anywhere in the world. Some artists have personal attachments to a specific project and therefore prefer that our collaboration supports their chosen cause, not necessarily related to skateboarding.

Historically, our biggest NGO partner is the award-winning social project, Skateistan.

Being well aware that the act of funding in the aid and development sector can not be sustainable, or could even have unintended negative consequences, we are especially careful to support sustainable projects generating positive impact, with the potential to reach systemic change.

For this, we implemented eligibility requirements for selection and keep track of the maintenance and sustainability of the projects supported. We do this by requesting activity reports every trimester as well as impact measurement reports, doing on-site visits, organizing regular calls and keeping close contact with the project leaders.

To offset our carbon emissions, we’ve decided to support the SAVINGS TREES PROJECT in Uganda so that 300+ families receive an efficient wood stove. Each stove helps reduce wood and charcoal consumption by up to 40% compared to other cooking methods and can save US $75 per year per family. Each wood stove contributes to reducing 1.4tonnes of CO2 per year – the equivalent of a return journey for one person from Brussels to Washington D.C.

The wood stoves also create a reduction in the emission of harmful pollutants that frequently cause respiratory illnesses such as pneumonia for children and women in Africa. UNICEF estimates that 2 million children die by pneumonia every year. Pneumonia is the single largest cause of child death and reducing indoor air pollution is one of the key prevention measures. These wood stoves will also help reduce local air pollution and thus reduce the impact of smoke on African children whilst allowing for The Skateroom “CO2 Neutrality”.

Freight IN represents 65% of the total emissions or 253 tCO2e, it is the highest source of our emissions. Our emissions linked with freight OUT holds the second position in term of CO2e emissions (112 tCO2e). The CO2 impact of business-travel accounts for 6% of our carbon footprint. Then energy and commuting-related emissions represent respectively 1% and 0.5% of our global impact.

As defined by the UK department of Energy and Climate Change, “carbon neutral” means that – through a transparent process of calculating emissions, reducing those emissions and offsetting residual emissions – net carbon emissions equal zero.

Since 2016, The Skateroom is CO2-Neutral certified through an external audit conducted by CO2 Logic.

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