WTT 2016

WTT 2016

The Skateroom is a social entrepreneurship whose main purpose is to help empower youth using art and skateboarding.


Our vision is to offer art editions at an affordable price and make art available to the greater public


How do we do this?

We collaborate with contemporary artists to create editions of artwork on the medium Skateboards.

These limited edition artworks are intended to be hung on a wall, just like a painting. However you could totally skate on them if you wanted to...

We continue to explore and push the boundaries of conventional skateboard art by releasing unique and collectable art editions.

© 2015 Scott Rudd @scottruddevents

© 2015 Scott Rudd @scottruddevents

These editions of artworks are sold via major art institutions the world over.

It is through their support and their belief in our project that we are able to fulfill our purpose and finance international social projects.


We finance social projects by directly supporting the NGO Skateistan.

Skateistan is an award-winning non-profit organisation that uses skateboarding and education to engage with young people.

The charity currently reaches more than 1,500 at-risk youth, aged 5-17, around the world each week through their schools in Afghanistan and Cambodia and now Johannesburg.

Over the years we have formed a solid working relationship and a commitment to Skateistan

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